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Wool Processing

Gulf Coast Native processed wool ready for carding & spinning. Amazing wool from local sheep

Right off the Animal please! We successfully scour wool that has not been processed or washed.  100% Wool Yarns & Rovings, or we can create a Distinctive Blend just for you!

Alpaca Huacaya Processing

Black Alpaca Huacaya with nice crimp will make a full yarn showcasing this  natural sheen

Alpaca Huacaya Skirted and Separated into First Cut (Prime Blanket) Second Cuts (Neck) Third Cuts (Leg). Keeping the staple lengths similar creates a more consistent product.

Alpaca Suri Processing

White Alpaca Suri right off the animal. The locks will release & become very soft white silky fiber

Alpaca Suri fiber prepared and separated exactly like Huacaya fiber. Suri combines very well with Huacaya and many other fibers.


Natural Fiber Yarns

Requesting the Ply of the yarn and a range of diameter (gauge or WPI) can vary by the fiber type & quality. We can blend and spin to create the best of your fiber!

Core Spun


Using the shorter fibers  wrapped around a core creates these Core-Spun Hanks. Add some color and a beautiful new fiber to use in many ways -Weaving,  macrame & braiding, needle felting and wrapping.

Millers Choice

Pioneer Fiber Mill's way of creating unique yarns & blends without the frustration of you having to

Pioneer Fiber Mill's way of creating unique yarns & blends without the frustration of you having to choose. Our Seda de Saree, Bamboo, Flax & Hemp and Synthetics are favorites.

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