Artisnal Yarns & Fibers created in New Smyrna Beach

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Fiber not from a Sheep



Fiber from a Sheep



Man made fiber

Alpaca Huacaya & Suri

blending fibers are in addition to your base fiber

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Payment & Policy

Fiber  received without communication or payment will not move into production  AND be subject to forfeiture. FULL PAYMENT of the INVOICE BALANCE is  due immediately upon completion of your fiber. Failure to PAY IN FULL  will be charged $10.00 a day after 24 hours of INVOICING for  environmentally secure storage. On the 31st day of storage - ALL FIBER  & PRODUCT becomes the sole property of Pioneer Fiber Mill.   
Shipping in, dropping off, or us picking up your fiber constitutes your understanding & acceptance of these terms.

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 Once your fiber is received you will receive an Intake Receipt with an Estimate. A Deposit is required and will be requested at that time.